When does mast e kick in

Well the feedback hasnt been good about this place what the heck i made a guest appearance to find out for myself. Introduced to four ladies asian columbian middle east and the other i cant recall. I chose the columbian early thirties quite busty slightly round figure but not in a bad way. $100 for half hour had the shower and into the room for some some heady. She seemed a bit nervous thats ok give the wand a little suck with the party hat on she wouldnt suck without it dam! A blow job with a rubber is just not the same she didnt polish for too long and then wanted to jump on and ride the that wasnt too enthusiastic i turned her over onto all fours banged her with some gone so was i. This place will need to tick a whole more boxes before i return. Some better looking ladies with better figures would be a better start. The columbian wasnt bad but the service overall can be improved.

When does mast e kick in

when does mast e kick in


when does mast e kick inwhen does mast e kick in