Test igo primo android

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IMPORTANT – here is the solution, for those who recieve this error “Missing or incomplete folder:/mnt/extSdCard/iGO/:/mnt/extSdCard/iGO/:open failed: EACCESS (Permission denied)”
Permission denied message actually means “File not found”.
File “” is missing from the archives, so iGO app can’t find it in the “iGO” folder. To solve this problem you need to follow these steps:
1. Select all license files from the license folder and put them in a zip archive named “ license ”.
2. Put the “ ” file in the iGO folder (the root of it).
3. Finally – launch iGO and enjoy using it!

Test igo primo android

test igo primo android


test igo primo androidtest igo primo androidtest igo primo androidtest igo primo androidtest igo primo android