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You should start with ur highest dose say 750mgs for 2-3 week then reduce it to 500 for say 4-6 week, then u can reduce to 300 for the rest of the way. Then cahnge to the fina and if u have more enenthate stay on the 300mgs This is what has worked best for me and i have been at this since 1991. I have been in 2 different npc contests including the jr usa three times( two 3rds and a second), the jr nationalsond) once and the us(fifth) once, Not to mention all the regional shows. Before I went national I never lost a class. So i guess I know alot about getting reay for shows and anabolics. If u have any other ?'s pm me. I love to help younger guys, because i was there once and if it was not for guy helping me I would have progressed much slower.

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For towing and hauling, the 2015 Ford F-450 is nearly unmatched since it has the highest tow rating among heavy duty trucks. In a First Test review, we noted that the truck didn’t struggle to haul 10,000 pounds on its fifth-wheel gooseneck. However, the F-450’s curb weight, which is more than 9,000 pounds, means it chugs diesel and returned a mpg on a trip from Arizona to Los Angeles. The “man step” on the truck bed is another issue because it blocks the way into the bed, making it a hassle to load the vehicle. Trucks of this size are expensive — the base mode starts at $53,145 and the Platinum upper trim model costs more than $70,000.

Test e mast e eq

test e mast e eq


test e mast e eqtest e mast e eqtest e mast e eqtest e mast e eqtest e mast e eq