Test e mast e cutting cycle

In my pre-caffeinated brain, I'm thinking a kick start with your dbol, or get a vial of test prop and pin 350mg per week for 3 weeks while waiting for the test e to take effect. No need for winny for the reason dolf gave, and since both mast and drol are dht derivatives, i wouldn't add drol, and just stick with mast. Diet will be, as it is in every goal, key to your cut. Do you have a diet planned, macros laid out?  Check out Dolf's current cycle log, excellent detail in both his opening statement, and his updates. He has two macro plans spelled out. Take a look when you get a chance. Good stuff there, although it is a bulk. However, a good example to launch from, just tweak the macros to match your goal.

The twisted inline splice you shown is both a good splice and mechanically strong as well. But even with shrink tube, it looks bumpy. But it will work and be a very electrically good splice. Another inline splice is called a lap joint or splice. That is where you basically lay one wire parallel with the second wire from the opposite direction and solder. It also is a great electrical connection but not as mechanically good as the twisted. but it looks nice and clean. When I splice multiple wires in a bundle, I stagger the splices to there isn't a bulge in one place with all the splices. It keeps the bundle small and smooth. One other thing you may consider when making splice joints or connections, Use a thermal shunt to keep solder from wicking up under the insulation. That way corrosion with not start under the insulation and cause future problems. And clean the soldered connection with an acid brush and alcohol before heat shrinking to remove any flux. Thumbs Up!

Test e mast e cutting cycle

test e mast e cutting cycle


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