Side effects of primo steroid

It is often stated by many performance enhancing athletes that the side effects of Primobolan Depot do not include natural testosterone suppression, and on this basis, many use this steroid as a bridge. We won't waste your time with a lot buildup, instead here's the direct truth; yes, Primo is suppressive. A mere 25mg injection, a single 25mg injection is enough to suppress 50% of your natural testosterone production. Absolutely, this may not be enough to bottom your testosterone levels out depending on what else you're using, but it is more than enough to cause a low testosterone condition. As low testosterone is extremely unhealthy, male Primo cycles that do not include exogenous testosterone cannot be advised. It should also be noted; just because you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction does not mean you do not suffer from low testosterone. Many men use this as their gauge, and it is a horrible way to gauge such a condition. Absolutely, erectile dysfunction is a symptom, but it's hardly the only one.

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Side effects of primo steroid

side effects of primo steroid


side effects of primo steroidside effects of primo steroidside effects of primo steroidside effects of primo steroidside effects of primo steroid