Proviron y tamoxifeno

Mars thanks for your input, I was actually also confused about the estrogen rebound am not exactly sure if that was from my cycle but I my nipples got puffy and feel there is fat around my nipple area.. I was told it was peasudo gyno.. my blood tests I took was for estradiol, progesterone serum, testosterone, prolactin.. and they came out all with in the normal range I don't have the numbers on me now but I will post them once I return home.. the doctor said am fine but I have very low libido like zero he said it's psychological which I doubt it is am perfectly fine so am not sure what the problem is.. am 5 '9 170 cm 83 kgs right now I'm doing cardio almost each day I'm working on reducing my fat levels..

Antes de que cerremos el libro de Aromasin, Cabe destacar que se puede (y debe) still use one of the non-steroidal AIs during your cycle to reduce estrogen , Si es necesario. Cuando esté listo para el PCT, Usted puede entonces pasar a Aromasin y todavía experimentar los efectos completos de un AI, since there is no cross-over tolerance experienced between steroidal and non-steroidal AIs (9). Puesto que trata de Aromasin 65% eficaz en la supresión de estrógenos (10), it’s certainly a very powerful agent , especially considering you won’t experience reduced effectiveness because of your concurrent use of Nolvadex or from any sort of tolerance developed by using other AIs on your cycle (9). There is also a decent amount of preclinical data suggesting that Aromasin has a beneficial effect on bone mineral metabolism that is not seen with non-steroidal agents , and it may also have beneficial effects on lipid metabolism that are not found in the non-steroidal Letro and A-dex (9).

Proviron y tamoxifeno

proviron y tamoxifeno


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