Mesterolone gains

Mesterolone it is an androgenic composition which is used because of antiestrogenic properties. Unlike tamoxifen, which only blocks the estrogen receptors, mesterolone prevents direct aromatization and thus controls the oestrogens. When taking this medicine also highlight some of those muscle gains, even if they are minimal, it is pretty much the muscle hardness and density. It is only moderately hepatotoxic liver and kidney, since it is not a C17-alpha-alkylated compound. Mesterolone affects the production of testosterone. This substance stimulates the body to produce testosterone, and is only used as a substance that is used to compensate the shortage of the natural male androgen.

Mesterolone half life is 12 hours and detection time is is 5-6 weeks.

Mesterolone cycle:

Often times it is used throughout treatment 1 tablet daily, or at the end of treatment, therefore the last 4 weeks, precisely because of the already mentioned synergetic effect with testosterone. The PCT is often used along with tamoxifen.

Mesterolone result of this combination should again be a notable increase of muscle mass and hardness, but in this case the gain should not be accompanied by greatly increased side effects.

Mesterolone dosage:

Daily doses range from 25-200mg. Often times it is used throughout treatment 1 tablet daily, or at the end of treatment, therefore the last 4 weeks, precisely because of the already mentioned synergetic effect with testosterone. The pyramid system downstream from the 3 tab first week, second week 2 Table 1 and Table last week. Those variations are of course more, depending steroid treatments.

Mesterolone side effects:

Other side effects include hair loss and enlargement of the prostate can also increase the blood pressure. As is known, androgen receptors are found as in the muscle, as well as fat cells, Mesterolone been treatment with the testosterone promotes muscle growth but also a loss of fat. Mesterolone with testosterone creates a synergistic effect on muscle growth and fat burning, thus multiplying the anabolic effect by promoting better absorption of free testosterone.

Methandienone (also known as methandrostenolone, Dbol, dianabol) is an orally-effective anabolic steroid originally developed in Germany and released in the US in the early 1960s by Ciba Specialty Chemicals. This is a derivative from testosterone, one of the most popular steroid compounds in the world and the second steroid (after testosterone) ever produced. Methandienone promotes dramatic increases in protein synthesis, glycogenolysis, and muscle strength over a short space of time.  

Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) were initially created for therapeutic purposes, and synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone. Due its great anabolic effects, these drugs are being used on a large scale, for the improvement of sports performance. In this present study, we aim to show the history of it’ use, present their mechanisms of action, more particularly its use correlate with improved body composition, muscle mass, aerobic capacity and verify their possible side effects, analyzing their use therapeutic and indiscriminate, through direct scientific research with the sports. Sources were reviewed scientific the following search engines: PUBMED, LILACS and SCIELO. The results showed that in presence of a suitable AAS and diet can contribute to increases in body weight, particularly lean body mass and muscle strength gains achieved by high intensity exercise, these effects can be further potentiated, the use of supraphysiological doses, but in the aspect of aerobic power, there are not scientific evidence to support their improvement. Regarding side effects, the use of AAS, is related to several complications in the liver, cardiovascular system, reproductive system and psychological characteristics, always assigned by the non-therapeutic and abuse of AAS. Thus we conclude that the use of AAS, are directly linked to gains muscle mass, strength, as well several side effects, always assigned to abusive and indiscriminate doses, it is noteworthy that the scientific literature, still has a certain lack of studies, mainly randomized, controlled, with supraphysiological doses in human, so many effects are still unknown.

Mesterolone gains

mesterolone gains


mesterolone gainsmesterolone gainsmesterolone gainsmesterolone gainsmesterolone gains