Master juice

The Juice Master Class has some online assessments in the form of short multiple choice tests at the end of each session. These are purely to test if you have remembered key concepts and content from that session. These tests are mainly relevant to students doing the Juice Master Academy and wanting to gain the NJT Practitioner qualification so if you do not want to qualify as a NJT Practitioner you do not need to take the test. However you might like to take the tests anyway to check you are getting the most out of the Juice Master Class .

Black slush ...
Purple slush
Blue slush
Blue slush v2 non cooling
Dragons blood
Krispy cakes
Thug juice
Strawberry candy
Lemon tart
Raspberry smoothie
Mixed berry mojito
Cream tea
Red astare
Black astare
Fruit and nut
Fantasi grape
Fantasi mango
Blue donut
Fruit salad
Unicorn milk
Sour apple
Tiger charmer
Berry candy
Strawberry whip
Twister lolly
Custard donut
Strawberry jam
Mega melons
Black jack
Green slush
Grape soda
Blueberry bubblegum
White chocolate and raspberry custard
Cloud master custard

Master juice

master juice


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