Leangains while on cycle

A. There is some contention on this subject, the simple answer is that women should tread more carefully than men when it comes to IF. Many women have reported that their menstrual cycle haults whilst on intermittent fasting and returns when the practice ceases. As a a general level any man or woman that has experienced problems with eating disorders should probably avoid intermittent fasting unless closely monitored by a health professional. Women seeking to fall pregnant are another group that would be best to avoid IF. It would be advisable for women who do want to move forward with intermittent fasting to begin with smaller fasting windows than the 16/8 protocol.

I’m so confused, so much information and so much conflicting each other, I spend so much time researching to find what’s the best way… and here I am. Spent an hour and a half going through everything from the glad diet…to how to have ripped abs to how to make proats. Need advice. I’m 31 and used to be in decent shape in my early 20’s. two kids later and not so much, about 2-3 times a year a get the urge to start working out, insanity…weights…training for triathlons and every time 2 months into it I don’t like how I look yet and give up. I need something that will help me LOSE fat AND gain muscle, losing fat requires decrease in calories and gaining muscle requires increase of calories….should I just focus on losing fat first and only than work on building muscle, currently I’m 5’9 175ish about 18-20% body fat….down from 194 and 22-24% so I feel like I’m doing something right.

Leangains while on cycle

leangains while on cycle


leangains while on cycleleangains while on cycleleangains while on cycle