Double lumen

A DLT is made up of two small-lumen endotracheal tubes of unequal length fixed side by side. The shorter tube ends in the trachea while the longer one is placed in either the left or right bronchus in order to selectively ventilate the left or right lung respectively. The first double-lumen tube used for bronchospirometry and later for one-lung anaesthesia in humans was introduced by Carlens in 1949. [2] [3] Modifications to the original Carlens tube have been introduced by White, [4] Robertshaw [5] and others. The most commonly used DLTs today are the Carlens and the Robertshaw tubes. [1] These allow single-lung ventilation while the other lung is collapsed to make Thoracic surgery easier or possible. This may be necessary so as to facilitate the surgeon's view and access to relevant structures within the thoracic cavity . The deflated lung is re-inflated as surgery finishes to check for leakages or other injuries .

Many critics have responded well to Stiles's portrayal of the character — so much so that her exit in " The Big One " was not well received. Matt Fowler of IGN said, "Having her leave was, unfortunately, inevitable and it meant that we had to sit through her explain the reason for her wanting to leave Dexter, which to us was a little plodding because we knew that it was all a way of getting her off the show when it felt so much more right, story-wise, for her character to want to stay. No, Dexter and Lumen's romance wasn't the true seller here, but it did fit within their vigilante partnership. And it seems like something that she wouldn't want to give up. I did appreciate Dexter's anger when he came to the sad realization that he was "forever broken, with an inner eternal dark flame."

Double lumen

double lumen


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