Dianabol jabs

Hi. Ive done about 6 cycles over the years but this has to be the best so far.
Im using NL shredded 225 and NL winny.
Winny at 50 mg per day is workin beautifully Vascularity, conditioning, Energy, Strength!
The shredded 225 came and it was blacktops. Ive been reading alot of things about people having crippling pip from these little devils so i was a little aprehensive to start. Done my first jab of in the glute. Next day absoloutly no pip whatsoever, ive had worse from a flu jab! And every other jab since has been smooth and painless. 3 weeks in and feeling like superman strength is way up and ive really leaned out since 3 weeks ago. Got the usual sides i get from the tren in the mix, less sleep ,night sweats and the ocassional bit of heartburn but its nothing i cant hamdle and atleast i know its working. Highly recomend this lab if u can tolerate the EO in the gear!

Dianabol jabs

dianabol jabs


dianabol jabsdianabol jabs