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With a very wide safety margin of 200+ votes in excess of the 300 required to force a recall election, the Park Hospital District (PHD) Recall Committee submitted their petitions for verification on March 22nd. The PHD Designation Election Official (DEO) Lindsey McLellan now has 5 days by state law to verify the signatures, then schedule the recall election if the signatures are accepted. After seeing the level of detail the PHD Recall Committee handled the petitions with, we'd be surprised if she disqualifies a single signer. Not to worry, the recall committee did their job well, and included over 500 signatures for each board member to be recalled, shattering the minimum standard and guaranteeing an election will be held. Not to be overlooked- Diana Vanderploeg was re-elected with 317 votes, so there should be a pretty loud message being received by Diana & her compatriots.

Diana popularity lol

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