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While I would love to applaud Adebola’s speech (I agree with some takeaways), I just can’t find it in my heart (or perhaps my pocket) to do that. LCC has increased toll fare, and what was the attendant’s response to the ‘why’ question? We voted for change! And just like that a Friday morning was soured.
Now I’m sure someone would love to say the difference isn’t a lot, but that would be wrong because its not just toll fare that has increased in price, its EVERYTHING! 50 Naira here, 100 there, school fees, house rent, food, clothing, depleting already meager resources. And the common man isn’t seeing the effect of this supposedly positive change.
It’s probably easy for you to not feel what we feel because it is well for you and all around you, but let me tell you something; the air in Nigeria right now is ripe with hopelessness. Like even if we kick this guys out in 2019 the road to recovery is a veeerrry long one; and the precedence for anyhowness that they’ve set, how do we recover from it?

Debola daniel

debola daniel


debola danieldebola danieldebola danieldebola danieldebola daniel