Dbol lifespan

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So to summarize, I highly recommend utilizing orals in this cycle. It will help get your body at a positive nitrogen balance immediately. The anadrol will pull water into your muscle cells along with nutrients to speed up the muscle building process. The dianabol will cause a massive increase in glycogen storage which will keep carbs readily available for your body to use, resulting in LESS muscle breakdown. This is why I also advised you tso have HIGH CARBS to supply your glycogen. Hell if you can get over 500g carbs you will only gain from it. The more carbs you eat the less of your protein gets used for energy. This is why you don't NEED 40% of your total calories to come from protein, if you have high enough fat and carbs your body will fully use the protein it has to build muscle.

Dbol lifespan

dbol lifespan