Dbol price

NOTE:  An LSP Signature or Opinion is not required for the BOL Attestation of Shipment. In order to file a BOL Attestation of Shipment in eDEP both the PRP and a representative of the Receiving Facility will need to be registered in eDEP with a username and password. Register in   eDEP .

PRPs and representatives of the Receiving Facility can also download copies of the BWSC112, BWSC112A, and BWSC112B forms from our Transmittal Forms page to submit a paper copy of the BOL Attestation of Shipment to the regional office.

MassDEP does not consider the Bill of Lading Package complete unless a Bill of Lading with attached Remediation Waste Characterization and an Attestation of Completion of Shipment to Receiving Facility is received by MassDEP.

Dbol price

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