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Corinne worked extensively on the City of Detroit restructuring, which followed her leading a team of attorneys representing Chrysler in its successful chapter 11 reorganization, which won the Investment Dealers' Digest Deal of the Year award for 2009. She also led a team of attorneys in the restructuring of FGIC and the sale of its portfolio to MBIA; the successful restructuring of Dana Corp., which emerged from bankruptcy in 2008; and has orchestrated many other reorganizations involving companies such as Oncor, Oi, OSX, US Manufacturing, Metaldyne, Axcelis Technologies, Kaiser Aluminum, Tarragon, and The Williams Communications Companies. In addition, she has counseled lenders and bondholders in the ABFS, Comdisco, Excite@Home, Exide SA, GST Communications, the Houston Sport's Authority and Jefferson County, European Wind Farms (Breeze) and the National Portuguese Railway, Loy Yang B, VARIG Airlines, and Worldcom restructurings, among others.

For Moore, many institutional elements of the GOP have seemingly fallen back in line with their party’s nominee. On Monday, the president endorsed Moore , and news broke shortly thereafter that the Republican National Committee would once again support the GOP nominee , having previously backed away from Moore after the allegation about underage girls came out (though it should be noted that a subsequent report suggested the RNC’s renewed support is mostly symbolic). Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R), who had earlier called on Moore to drop out of the race, was asked in a Sunday interview if Moore should be allowed to serve in the Senate — the idea of expelling Moore should he win has been floated — and McConnell replied that he would “let the people of Alabama make the call” (he later walked back those comments on Tuesday). These developments, most especially the support of the president — who will campaign on Friday in Pensacola, FL, which lies right next to the southeastern corner of Alabama — may help Moore sufficiently bring home wayward parts of the GOP base to win next Tuesday. Remember, Alabama’s electorate is quite “inelastic” ; that is, its principal voting blocs are usually solidly in one party’s camp or the other. Roughly half of the state’s electorate tends to be white evangelical, probably the most Republican demographic group in the country, while around a quarter of the electorate tends to be black, easily the most Democratic-leaning group. Support from the president may help Moore shift the election back toward Alabama’s more-typical inelasticity among white Republican-leaning voters. Following the president’s endorsement, the super PAC America First Action (a wing of the Trump-backing America First Policies organization) announced that it would spend $ million on advertising to support Moore. Given Moore’s fundraising woes, this late assistance could be enough to get him over the top.

Dball results

d ball results


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