Bolt connector

Bolts have been defined as headed fasteners having external threads that meet an exacting, uniform bolt thread specification (such as ISO metric screw thread M, MJ, Unified Thread Standard UN, UNR, and UNJ) such that they can accept a non-tapered nut. Screws are then defined as headed, externally threaded fasteners that do not meet the above definition of bolts. [ citation needed ] These definitions of screw and bolt eliminate the ambiguity of the Machinery's handbook distinction. And it is for that reason, perhaps, that some people favor them. However, they are neither compliant with common usage of the two words nor are they compliant with formal specifications.

I bought these 4 of these lights Thursday night and received them Monday afternoon these lights are nice and bright I ordered yellow but they cane out more of an amber which is what I wanted I installed these into my mirrors and ran out of wire so I had to give up not she when I can get some more wire:( I have added pictures to show my project I was able to power one side long enough to get some good pictures I plan to have these run with the parking lights and wire them to the park positive and signal positive so that they will stay on and blink with either turn signal

Bolt connector

bolt connector


bolt connectorbolt connectorbolt connectorbolt connectorbolt connector