Best lean mass cycle ever

The fact that such genetic "outliers" are so rare is why you've waited so long without "many" claiming "to prove it off a bit" -- because, relative to the total number of all the naturals doing bodybuilding, the percentage able to exceed the Calculators is indeed "1-in-a-million" (again, assuming for discussion that your claims of your stats are factual and that Miller had always been and was PED-free when he claimed he was). There simply are NOT "many" top bodybuilders with stats exceeding the Calculators, not lifelong PED-free bodybuilders.

Joel – Thanks for the question! You’ll have to forgive me, as it’s been a few years since I read the book. And please don’t take any offense to what I am about to say . . I greatly respect the work that authors pour into these books and what people find useful and inspirig. That being said, if my memory serves me correctly, I thought the book was good, but not exceptional. I thought it spent a great deal of page space trying to “sell” or “market” lean to the reader, at the expense of depth into most of the topics. Second, the book collated a lot of information in one place, but I don’t think it added anything new to the study. Most of the books on my list were the either the first (or the best) at documenting very important components of Lean Thinking / The Toyota Production System. “Lean Transformation” is a good book for the novice looking to start their journey (although, I believe Pascal Dennis’book “Lean Production Simplified” is a better resource for the beginner), but doesn’t crack my personal top 10. Thanks again!

Best lean mass cycle ever

best lean mass cycle ever


best lean mass cycle everbest lean mass cycle everbest lean mass cycle everbest lean mass cycle everbest lean mass cycle ever